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Discord Nitro Subscription

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【About Discord】

Discord is a popular multi-functional voice, text, and video chat platform widely used in gaming communities and other online social groups. It provides rich features such as server and channel creation, voice and video calls, real-time messaging, and embedded media playback, among others.

【About Discord Nitro Subscription】

Discord Nitro is the most popular subscription plan offered by Discord. It allows you to unlock all the perks we provide, mainly including custom emojis and stickers that can be used anywhere, high-quality live streaming, and two server boosts, among other convenient features.

【Discord Nitro VS Discord Nitro Classic】

Nitro Basic includes some popular Nitro features that allow users to express themselves at a lower cost.

1. Profile customization: animated avatar, custom Tag, Nitro badge.

2. 30% off Boost purchases

3. Use custom and animated emojis anywhere

4. Bigger file uploads (50MB)

5. Screen share up to 1080p/60fps

Therefore, if you want some cool features but don't need too many enhanced features provided by Discord Nitro, then the Classic version is your best choice. Discord Nitro Classic is a good choice for those who don't have multiple large servers because the subscription itself is enough.

【How to Redeem Discord Nitro or Classic Subcription?】

1. Go to the https://posa.mintroute.com/14.

2. Choose denomination you have bought on 60yr.com.

3. Enter the redeem code from your 60yr.com order list page.

4. Enter an email address, you will get a receipt of the purchase by email.

5. click Redeem.

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