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【About IMO】

Imo is a free, secure, and fast app for international video calls and messaging. Connect with friends, family, and other contacts through text, voice, or video calls regardless of your location or network quality.

Enjoy free international calls to your loved ones and create group chats to communicate with friends. Experience high-definition video calls with crystal clear quality, no matter where your contacts are located.

IMO Diamond is a virtual currency. It is used in popular video calling and messaging apps, IMO. With IMO Diamonds, you can purchase various in-app items, such as stickers and themes. All these items will help you to enhance your chatting experience.

【How to top up IMO Diamonds?】

  1. Enter your imo ID.
  2. Select the amount of imo diamonds you want.
  3. Click the “buy now” button.
  4. Choose your payment method.
  5. After completing the payment, the imo diamonds you purchased will be recharged into your imo account in 5 minutes.

【How to find IMO ID?】

  1. Log in to the APP, click the button in the middle of the top, and enter My Room.
  2. Click the avatar on the upper right.
  3. Enter the Online Rank page, click the avatar below.
  4. Your imo ID will be displayed under your nickname.

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