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【About Mango Live】

Mango Live is a global live broadcasting platform which focuses on entertainment lifestyle and the streaming of broadcasting hosts. Watch fantastic live streaming, live chat with people across the globe, make friends and date with friends on live video anytime & anywhere, go live to show your talent and to be the next social media celebrity.

【About Mango Live Diamonds】

If you found a streamer that you resonate with on Mango Live, you can send them virtual gifts through Mango Live top up diamonds.

【How to Recharge Mango Live Diamonds?】

1. Enter your Mango Live ID.

2. Select the amount of Mango Live diamonds you want.

3. Click the “buy now” button.

4. Choose your payment method.

5. After completing the payment, the Mango Live diamonds you purchased will be recharged into your Mango Live account.

【How to Find Mango Live ID?】

1. Please login to your account in the Mango Live App.

2. Tap the Icon in the bottom right corner.

3. The Mango Live ID will be displayed under your nickname.

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