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Note: Pubg G-COIN is only available for Steam version, not for Epic.
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  • 100 G-Coin
  • 510 G-Coin
  • 1050 G-Coin
  • 5500 G-Coin


G-COIN is a new form of PUBG currency, with which you can purchase various in-game items. In-game items can be purchased within the amount of G-COIN possessed by a player. After the purchase, G-COIN would be deducted from your balance right away.

【Does G-COIN have an expiration date?】

  1. G-COIN purchased using Steam Wallet funds or obtained from G-COIN packages, are categorized as "Paid G-COIN" and have an expiration date of 5 years.
  2. G-COIN obtained through in-game events or by completing Survivor Pass Missions are categorized as "Free G-COIN" and have an expiration date of 3 months.
  3. This condition can be changed at PUBG's discretion. Make sure to use all your G-COIN before it expires.

【How to redeem PUBG G-COIN?】

  1. Log in to your PUBG account.
  2. At the lobby, select “Store” > “Add Bonus/Gift Code”.
  3. Input your key code and select “Redeem”.
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