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Migo Live

Migo Live Coins Up to 1$≈7391 coins
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【About Migo Live】

MIGO is the most popular group voice chat online community, where you can share happiness, surprises, and inspirations in your life. MIGO Live allows you to livestream to share your life, tell your stories, show yourself and make friends from all around the world. It will help you escape boredom, chat with people and make each moment valuable. We have an active community, and multitudes of talented hosts, singers, musician, comedians, and more. MIGO is a great way to communicate with people from different cultures and express yourself.

Migo Live Coins are the official Live streaming currency of Migo Live. Coins can be used to purchase gifts for your favourite streamers in their live streams.

【How to Recharge Migo Live Coins?】

  1. Enter your Migo Live ID
  2. Select the denomination
  3. Submit the order and payment
  4. The coins will arrive to your Migo Live account within one minute after payment completion

【How to find your user ID in Migo Live?】

  1. Open the Migo Live app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Your user ID will be displayed below your profile picture.
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